Restored Record Players and Radios from the 50's

The Groove N Tube Restoration Process

Groove N Tube restored Phonographs and Radios are from an era when electronics were built to last. The early to mid 1950’s

It is the mission of Groove N Tube to bring them back to their full glory, so they may be enjoyed for another 50 or 60 years.

Back when folks weren’t so antisocial with earbuds stuck in their ears, or busy texting their BFF,  it was a time that perhaps your parents, or even grandparents may have listened to a ball game on an AM radio in the garage or while doing chores. They may have had a collection of 45 phonograph records with artists like Buddy Holly, Elvis, or Fats Domino.  Playing a stack of ten or twelve 45’s on the phonograph might not seem like a lot, but the enjoyment was priceless. 

Let me explain a little about the technology of the time…

For the most part, they utilize Vacuum Tubes (aka Valves) for amplification. 

Radio Tubes

Since many of these date from the early through the mid 1950’s, time and neglect does take its toll.

The Tubes themselves are most often in good condition. Other components, such as capacitors and even some resistors may have failed or gone off spec.

During the electronic phase of the restoration process, all the old wax/paper capacitors are replaced with modern equivalents. Also what are called Filter Capacitors are also replaced. Resistors are checked for correct value and replaced if bad, or if they seem OK but look bad. Tubes, controls and dials are tested and cleaned and the tube sockets are cleaned as well. For radios, the alignment of the receiver is checked and adjusted as needed. Finally all the electronics are given a burn-in period to reveal any pending failure so it can be corrected before calling the repair Done.

The mechanical phase is more for the phonographs. First the record changer mechanism is completely disassembled and all the old oil and grease is removed. Parts are checked for wear, damage or bends. Rubber components like motor mounts and standoffs are replaced as needed. The motor is cleaned and lubricated, idler tires and drive wheels that have hardened, dried up, fallen apart,  or have become unservicable are replaced or resurfaced. If the needle is bad, worn or missing, or if the cartridge is too old, the cartridge is replaced with a stereo compliant cartridge with a diamond needle. The changer mechanism is then reassembled with care and adjusted to operate reliably. The final assembly is done and a burn-in performed.

During the restoration process, the case is cleaned and polished. Sometimes they look as good, or even better, than new!

So spend some time, and take look at some of the restorations at Groove N Tube.

Groove N Tube restorations are sold exclusively at Quaint Essential Antiques, 11890 Walsingham Rd, Largo, FL

At the moment, we do not accept customers’ equipment for restoration.