Restored Record Players and Radios from the 50's

RCA 7-BX-7 Radio

RCA 7-BX-7

RCA 7-BX-7

The year is 1957 and chrome has gone mainstream. The gray and chrome remind me of the grll of a mid 50’s Ford Crown Vic!

Older radios sometimes had to be turned to get a strong signal, not with this radio… it has a swivel antenna.

Instead of a dial cord and pointer, a vernier dial is used to fine-tune the stations. The outer ring of the dial rotates about 3-1/2 turns to tune from one end of the dial to the other, much like a steering wheel in a car.

The RCA 7-BX-7 is an AC/DC/Battery Portable Lunchbox Radio. As with most of these tube AM radios, the high voltage batteries are not generally available, but can be made up of a series of 9-volt batteries. And of course, it operates on standard 120 Volt AC house current.